A scene not rendering in vray, others yes !?

A sketchup 2019 file with 6 scenes, one not rendering, others yes. Have purged and removed materials one by one, still not rendering just stopping right in the beginning, any idea what could be wrong with this scene ?

Upload your model .skp file, or a relevant part of the model.

If it’s too big to upload here (more than approx 10MB) use a file sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer and post a link here.

Have you searched the V-Ray progress window for hints and problems?

I can’t find that progress window, i have checked, file path editor

I’m not sure if this is specific for my computer, can you control this file?

@Cotty, you can download that HDR file from https://hdrihaven.com/hdri/?h=lythwood_field

@triumfdula2 What scene do you have problems with?

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@Cotty That error is because skp files does not carry hdri files when moved or copied, you have to reupload that hdri image
@mihai.s Scene 1 is not moving, one square of render in half an hour probably, while other scenes go fast !

I changed Quality: Medium, and I saw that the two materials of the painting and the lamp take longer to render, but then it’s ok.

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Scene 1 is rendering OK for me too…

I just switched to GPU, now rendering is fine, I’m not sure if there is any difference in rendering quality between gpu and cpu ??

I did some experiments and researched a bit for cpu and gpu
GPU rendering is a definitely no, for me, the quality is so different so low

please let me know if you can render the scene 1 using CPU engine

yes I can render it only with CPU

Ok thank you very much for your support, i lowered a bit the quality, now is going well, any way i still wonder why i can render well other scenes and not this one, probably is the limit of the pc power and simply crashes at this scene with no particular reason, anyway, thanks a lot i will render it with a little lower quality.

Memory management is better handled with a CPU, if you don’t have a GPU with enough memory, V-Ray might crash.