Render can't start Vray 5

The scene only render if i override the material,i can’t figure out how to re path the material

Uploading: Imagescene 002.JPG…
How can i upload the model here ,it’s almost 200mb

Probably your model has some faulty materials. You could try overriding materials in batches to identify the ones.
If you want to share the model purge it and upload it to a cloud storage service (Dropbox, google drive, wetransfer…), allow access to it and post the link here.

Alright I will do that , thank you sir

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2021 Free (Web) which is not possible.

It’s a complex model so it might take some time.

You have a lot of exposed back faces that will need correcting. THere should be no exposed blue back faces.

Some incorrectly tagged geometry…
Screenshot - 6_9_2022 , 4_58_50 PM

…and some unused stuff that could be purged.
Screenshot - 6_9_2022 , 5_01_11 PM

Looks like quite a number of the components within the model could stand to go on a diet. And you could use tags to reduce what is displayed in each scene.

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Sketch up 2021

Thanks so much sir , I will take all correction into consideration in my next work, can you recommend any tutorial or guidelines to avoid all this mistake :pray:

Do you mean SketchUp Pro 2021 instead of the free web version indicated in your profile?

Alright sir

Yes sir , I made mistake on the profile

That information helps us help you. When it’s wrong it creates confusion and delay. Please correct that information.

Okay I will

Hello please are you still helping with the model

In your profile the graphics card is listed as “2”. This means nothing. Please correct it.

I, too, had a look, but had no time to get further than that you have one or several corrupt materials.