Scene looks different in each computer

hello guys, a strange thing happend to me…
my costumer sent me a skp file and scene looks diffrent from what i see in my computer.
this is how it looks on my costumer’s computer :

and this is how it looks on mine:

how can i see the scene exactly like my costumer see it on his computer?

No access to the albums. Could you upload the images directly to the forum?


picture number 1 is my on my costumer’s cumputer

Screenshots would be somewhat preciser, but maybe it helps if you describe what is different?

  • Colors? (may depend on display calibration)
  • Transparency of transparent faces? (may depend on graphics driver)
  • Shading?
  • Aspect ratio? (may depend on window size and display size)
  • Something with the right-to-left text not working correctly? (RTL only affects the GUI)

One might be rendered and one SketchUp’s own representation. It’s really hard to tell from a photo of a screen what the screen is showing.

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the aspect ratio.
in the first picture we can see the rest of the space and in picture 2 is hidden.
also in picture 2 the picture looks a bit “strechy”

You screen resolution looks to be set incorrectly, the round lights are oval. Change the screen resolution to one that matches your screen aspect ratio.

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how can i do that?

help somone?


thank you very much!

So did you get it sorted out?

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