Need help please

Hello everyone
I realy need your help solving the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.
I have an old laptop and a new pc, both of the running skutchup 2013 with vray 1.6 ( same installation )
I was trying to render the same image from the same file on both computers wen i ran into a somthing realy weird, the laptop is giving me an image of 28.22221.167 cm ( render output size 640480 ). My pc on the other hand in rendering with the exact same settings but giving me an image size with 5.419*4.064 cm ( same output size settings ) while the pc has mutch higher spesifications than the laptop. Does anyone has an explenation how to solve this ? Thank you

I am a bit confused, have not heard of image sizes in cm. Do the two systems run the same version of Windows?

Have you reached out to Chaos Group? They may have a better idea of what could cause that issue.

Both computers are running windows 10 but no idea what version and no i dont actualy know anything about the chaos group sorry. As for the image size when you import the rendered picture into a graphic program sutch as photoshop ( i use coral draw ) and comparing both images that are rendered with the same setting one seams to be mutch larger than the other.

then try asking the hacker where you got it :grinning: