Does anyone have any pictures of what the difference between trial v-ray and full?


Just before I purchase VRAY I would love to see someone who has a drawing rendered in vray demo compared to the full version ?

V-Ray for SketchUp Demo Limitations

  1. Distributed Rendering limited to 2 render nodes
  2. produces watermarked images
  3. resolution up to 600x400
  4. rendered results limited to 4 lights

Quality shouldn’t be different other than the listed

What is the resolution once you have the full package ? Im not that technical so 600x400 doesnt mean much to me other than that it isnt great? haha

Full package doesn’t have limit I believe.

I’ve tried up to 6000 px across.

your standard full size HD screen is 1920x1080.

So im guessing thats why when I zoom in on the render its very pixalated ? So the full version will prevent this ? excuse my ignorance haha

Pixalated images can be caused by different reasons. But resolution is the most common issue.

Can you post your pixalated image so we can examine?

Just buying a full version will not just automatically up the quality. I’m afraid you may have to be a lot more technical to get your renderings to look sufficiently good.

You can learn some more in V-ray forum, rather than SketchUp forum.

600x400 is just the size of the image. If you zoom in on
that image and try to make it bigger, it will be pixelated.
If you have an image size that is 1920x1080 and you
zoom in on that and try to make it bigger, it also will
be pixelated.

That is one of my drawings (Im a event manger, only just picked up sketch up a fortnight ago as really good for me putting my ideas into visuals to show clients, but as you can see its quite pixelated…

I confirmed that the image is 612x453.

if you haven’t rescaled it in anyway, the pixelated issue is because of the trial version.

Also, notice the V-ray watermark on the top-left.

You can make it much higher resolution by purchasing full version.

Most renderers also have an “antialiasing” setting that can be used to make the jaggies look smoother even without increasing the resolution. Images at screen resolution or smaller are still needed for online viewing.


Yeah I shall be buying the full version as I find it simple to use and is fairly quick also… I have been editing the final renders on PS which I take out the water mark and tidy up the edges but yeah much easier with the full version I guess