[Vray] Sketchup and vray plugin output settings



Hi Im new to sketchup, I have done my model and applied all materials and installed vray plugin. I have to render a 3d scene that is at least A4 size and of good quality. Altough I have set the output setting to the largest default size the render window keeps on rendering at 600x300?? Which is to small and pixelates when I enlarge it. BWill appreciate some advise.

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Hey there! If you’re using the trial mode of V-Ray, you can’t get higher resolution. Also if you look closely, you’ll notice small watermarks in your rendering. When you purchase a license, you’ll get watermark-free renderings and as much resolution output as you like.


Hi thanks a lot I had a feeling that that is the problem dammit🙈


No problem. V-Ray is worth it though, if you’re considering to make great photo-realistic renderings. There are several free rendering engines out there as well and some of them can produce good results too.


I think there is also a maximum amount of lights that you can put in.
If my memory serves me correct, it was 5.

V-ray is worth it to my idea as well. Quite steep price however.


I agree @josephkim626. There is also the much talked about Corona Renderer, have you heard about it? I was stunned by its results the first time I saw it. They’re working on the SketchUp plugin at the moment, if I’m correct.


Whaa, it looks great.

I think you can get stunning results using any type of renderers. It is always battle between time and quality. You spend enough time on it, you will get good results. But often you don’t have enough time or budget, you just resort to less quality quickly. For that we heavily rely on photoshop and the quick results. I would stick with V-ray because it is not well embedded into my workflow and the market is big enough (other 3D modeling softwares as well) to obtain resources.


The battle seems to be going on inside renderer developers as well. Despite its quirks I have long been a fan of ArtLantis that used to be able to churn out acceptable renders in a fraction of the time required by the likes of Maxwell to create their stunning results, but now, its last incarnation has sacrificed render time for “quality”. The problem with renders in a professional environment is that usually they are needed for the same day or for tomorrow, so if an image takes more than, say, an hour or two to “cook” it will generally be left out.



I would love to buy vray but just not within my budget, at all, can you recommend a good free render plug in to use instead?


Yes of course. There are several of them, so look through their galleries and pick the one you like the most.

  1. Kerkythea

  2. Maxwell Render

  3. Visualizer

  • Visualizer is good but it wasn’t updated for SketchUp 2016. However, I think there was a workaround for this on the Forum.
  • Maxwell claims to be free but I have never tried it personally. Nonetheless, it’s ranked high on the market, especially for 3DS Max.


Thank you I will download them and give them a try I will also try see if I get the link on the forum to work around Visualiser.



The free one is Kerkythea. Maxwell is rather expensive.



Well that’s strange. The SketchUp page of the Maxwell website has ‘free’ written on every centimeter, so I thought it really was free. Probably a misleading marketing advertisement. Thanks for clarifying that, Ansii.


If I recall correctly, there IS a free version of Maxwell, but it is limited (small renders or something like that)


It is limited to 800 x 800 pixels, draft quality and undisclosed limitations as to lighting. Heavily crippled trial version.



hi, i am new student for skechup. i want to use skechup vray but i do not understand how to install skechup vray? pls help


Hi, i am an old sketchup user but a new Vray user.
i have to design a kiosk and the customer is asking for a realistic model. i tried to learn Vray but my result file is not high resolution. any thoughts??