[Vray] output resolution limit in trial mode

Hello dear members,

I am using sketchup make and with vray for sketchup and when i set in output 1920x1080 it still make the photo in 600 x 337 i dont understand why.

Thank you.

are you using the trial version?
does it have an export size limit?

Yes iam using trial version. It cant make bigger ressolution ?

Yes i am using demo can it be problem ?

I don’t use it, but I simple Google search tells me…

NOTE: this is only a demo version. Full version will be provided with the purchase of a new / upgrade license. Works with SketchUp Pro 2015. Limitations of this demo version:
Distributed Rendering limited to 2 render nodes
Produces watermarked images
Resolution up to 600x400
Rendered results limited to 4 lights


Oh yes thank you man.

Just stumbled accross this after literally trying to get 4+ lights to working for about 2 hours ! haha

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