V-Ray 5 Trial Limitations

I am thinking about trying out the new V-Ray 5 and I need to be able to render at full resolution for evaluation purpose. Dose anyone know if there is any limitations comparing to the paid version?

According to this link, it seems the trail has fully functional like the paid one, but limited only for 30 days:

However this link in this forum says otherwise, though it is talking about older version:

I do not want to create account with Chaos and request for trial unless I am sure I will be able to render at full resolution.

Appreciate any feedback …


I am sorry but I am not following your point!

Trial is identical to paid version. It’s just time-limited.

If the article isn’t helpfull, you can click on ‘No’ and explain why😃

Did you use the trial version of V-Ray 5 and are you 100% sure you can render at full resolution with no restriction to only 4 lights?

According to the link I provided in my post, a user in this forum said that the demo version has the following limitations:

  1. Distributed Rendering limited to 2 render nodes
  2. produces watermarked images
  3. resolution up to 600x400
  4. rendered results limited to 4 lights

Was that true only for older version of V-Ray?

That is why I need to make sure about this before I register and download trial version.

I know about that link and I already provided it in my original post above. I just did not understand why you send it to me!

Anyway, I am looking for real facts about my question, not for a claim from Chaos group that may not be exactly true! That is why I want answers from people who actually tired of trying the demo version.

I’m currently using the V-Ray for SketchUp Trial from V-Ray for SketchUp – Powerful Rendering Plugin for SketchUp | Chaos (chaosgroup.com) here. I’m just a self-learner student so I can’t afford paying $350 per year for the license. I ended up using a work-around is creating new 30-day trial account every time the previous one expired, and ask my friends for new phone number to verify it.

As I’m aware, the trial version I using right now has no limitation. Every function is enabled and fully work.

And the information from the post you provided is pretty outdated, so yeah, it’s different now, I guess. I only use V-Ray from 2020 so I didn’t have any knowledge about older version of it.

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Oh, sorry for that!
I always just trial and see for myself if it works for me.
Besides, this looks like a straight forward question, not some marketing wizzy-wash about why it’s better than Render X or take more advantage of GPU etc.

Many thanks for clarifying this. :+1:

Well, if the download was a direct link to the file, I could have done this. But Chaos group like so many companies now days, unfortunately requires your email address and to create an account with them even for the trial version. This is a type of required data collection which I am totally against.

That is why, I wanted to make sure that Chaos group is telling the truth and not just a way to collect my information and waste my time.


Alas, even for V-Ray for Blender, you need to sign up:

If you want to bypass ‘data-collection’ you need to think in other terms, like @Lynnastic .

The bad part of this, is that it will pollute the marketing information which shall result in stricter ways to protect the software eventually.

Don’t mess with marketing :sweat_smile: