Removing templates from start Sketchup

finally moving over to SU 2020 and setting up template to suit my needs. Would like to keep all neat and tidy. Having saved my preferred template how can I remove those that I would be unlikely to use and they clutter up the landing page? Many thanks

You don’t have to see the landing page (Welcome Screen) if you turn it off in Window->Preferences->General. If you open the templates later you can click on “My Templates” to only see your own.

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I’ve never thought that the few additional OEM templates that are displayed was really clutter but then I don’t see advertising along the sides of web pages, either. You could find the Templates folder in Program Files>SketchUp… and just rename it so SU isn’t able to find it. Or just turn off the Welcome screen if it’s a big problem.

I did just rename the OEM template folder to test it and I only see my two default templates.

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As @McGordon said, you can turn off the Welcome from Preferences > General

Preferences General

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Great thanks everyone very much. Now facing a few months of self isolation so going to be spending the time honing my SU skills. Thought I might as well start with a clean sheet and use the time to get as much right as possible.