Deleting templates

Is there a way to delete the templates that I would never ever use?

Your own custom Templates yes. The stock templates no, at least not easily.

I really wish the welcome page would would remember the state of the stock/custom toggle instead of opening on stock every time. It’s one less move every time and if you could just leave it on custom templates page there would be no need to ever see the stock templates that you do not use.

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do you know how the stock templates could be deleted?

Basically the stock template files are found at
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\Resources\en-US\Templates

So, it won’t hurt anything to just delete the ones I will never use?

Shouldn’t be an issue. They would reinstall if you ‘Repaired’ the installation.


Assuming we are talking about SU, I have two options when starting a new drawing, either New or New from Template. As I only ever use the template I set up long ago, I always choose New. Isn’t that the same for you?

Now in LO, it’s a bit different. When you create a new file, it defaults to the standard issue set. I wish it would default to the user set. Or maybe there’s a setting somewhere that allows you to change that behaviour?

Just set it to do that in Preferences.
Screenshot - 4_9_2021 , 10_25_47 AM

I leave it to prompt for the template because I use different ones for different projects.

Thanks. I’ve changed that now.

Like you, I do have different templates that I use. It’s just that I never use the inbuilt ones so it seems unnecessary for it to default to that. My ideal would have been defaulting to My Templates.

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Yes, If I choose new I have SU setup to open with my default custom template without a pop up window. However depending on the type of work I am about to do I sometimes want one of 4 or 5 other custom templates that I use. Much as you asked for in Layout, I wish that New from Template opened to my list of custom templates instead of the window opening with the Default Templates and having to click through to My Templates every time.

We’re on the same page here.

It’s a shame the inbuilt templates aren’t in the same folder as the user ones. If they were (or you had some means of accessing them), you could simply delete them leaving only your own visible.

The way it has been set up assumes that most people won’t want to use their own templates. Which is kind of odd.

Small gripes, of course…

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Indeed, small gripes. Not a big deal, just some low hanging programming fruit that I wish could be addressed one of these versions. I have considered tracking down the default template folder location in the invisible library on the Mac OS. Then swapping out the folder contest between the two folders, so my custom templates appear in the default area and the defaults are kept in my custom area. But it’s a lot of work for what is essentially a small annoyance.

I’ve already looked and I think they are too deeply buried.

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In an apparent stroke of genius, I decided to try renaming the files in C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\Resources\en-US\Templates. I thought, when SketchUp opened, only the templates I did not rename would be displayed. Easy solution, eh?

Not so much.


I bet there’s a new Templates folder plus your renamed folder now.

But the window will still open set to stock page which will be empty, and then you will still have to switch to custom? If you went through with erasing those templates can you confirm how it’s working now? Just curious.

I renamed the default Templates folder in C:/Program Files/… and created a new empty Templates folder. Then when opening SketchUp I’m only presented with my own templates.

I don’t really see any useful benefit to deleting the native templates anyway. My chosen default template is always the first one shown in the Welcome screen. And if I really didn’t want to have to worry about it, I could just set SketchUp to bypass the Welcome screen altogether and just open my default template straight away.

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I have all the template files renamed and all the templates appear undaunted on startup. Hmmm…
If there are phantom copies of these files elsewhere, Windows can’t find them. Maybe someone from SketchUp Tech can answer the question…


Just rename the original Template folder to something else, create a new Templates folder, and copy the (one) template you use from the old folder to the new folder.

Should the program default to the Custom Templates folder? From a UX perspective, YES!