Default template not being saved

I just loaded SU Pro 2019 and I’m going about setting up my typical default template. As per my typical setup I end the process with SAVE AS TEMPLATE and check set as DEFAULT box.

My problem is that when I shut down SU and want to start a new drawing I have to specifically go to MY TEMPLATES and select the TEMPLATE I just created and made the Default.
Been using SU for about 20 years and this is baffling . If I have to select a template every time, then what’s the term “DEFAULT” mean?
Have never had this issue…have I missed something here?

Untick Show Welcome Window.

Thanks. When did they sneak that choice over to there? Used to uncheck it when in the Welcome Window by checking “dont show this again” or somthin like that.
Thanks again.

Part of the change to the Welcome window. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet but if you have more than one template that you like to use, you get an easy opportunity to choose the one you want directly from the window. You also get to see the last nine models you’ve had open so you can easily go back to one of them if you prefer.

If you disabled the Welcome window and want to use a template other than your default, you need to open SketchUp with your default template and then either go to Help>Welcome to SketchUp or Preferences>Template to select a different template. Then you have to click on File>New to open that template. Personally I find the Welcome screen extremely useful and leave it enabled.

During my travels trying to figure this out I did notice that. Just don’t have much use for it as I use but one template all the time. Keepin’ it simple.

I have the welcome window activated now, I used to hate it. I find it a nice rework and like the fact you get the thumbnails of recent files to open straight away.


I’m curious why the welcome screen over and over. How many times do we have to be welcomed?
I’d prefer a RECENT FILES USED window that would be under the FILE menu. That way it’s always there and available at any time or at least have it available when you select OPEN FILE.
This is the way many of my graphics programs, like ACAD work and it seems comfortable.