Remove intersecting curves from a model

I’m using sketchup web. I have a model with two intersecting curves.
I need to remove parts of the curves where they intersect. Tried everything but what works and can’t get it right. See images. Thanks.

Download your file to your computer and upload the file here on the forum so we can see what you have.

In general the method is to push pull the curve through another using the modifier key to add a new face (look for the plus sign by the push pull icon). Then select and right click to intersect the given geometry, then erase the unwanted parts.


I tried to do this, but it isn’t working for me. I’m using sketchup web. I press the ctrl key and click on the place in model. The plus sign is displayed. But when I click on the push/pull the plus sign doesn’t stay visible. Not sure of the correct mouse/keyboard presses to get that to work.

Get the Push/Pull tool first. Then tap Ctrl to do what @endlessfix shows.

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I was holding the ctrl key down. That doesn’t work. Just a press and release is needed.
Will try the rest of it tomorrow.


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Yes, The modifier keys are press and release.Not hold. As I wrote, tap Ctrl.