Remove dividing line from Certain models

I’m new to SketchUp, So when I open certain car models as soon as I right click on it a box surrounds exactly 1/2 of the car. I don’t want this behavior and I need to stop the box from dividing the car in 1/2. Is this a setting I can turn off?

That would indicate the car is made up of two halves. Right click on them and choose Explode.

Thanks, I figured it was the car model itself. Is there a way in SU to combine/join/merge the 2 halves?

Once you’ve exploded both halves the geometry should join/merge into one.

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It seams like I can only explode 1 half of the model at a time and it dosen’t seam to combine the 2 parts.

Looks like a poorly organized model with multiple nested levels. Keep exploding until you get down to raw geometry.

…or select both halves and then right click and choose make group. Groups and components are basic SketchUp behavior that it would be good for you to research and understand.

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