Why is SketchUp Free splitting my surface in to two?

I am creating two three dimensional rectangles in sketchup. Each is 2’ by 1’ with a 1’ by 1’ square at the end. I am putting two of these rectangles next to each other with a 2’ by 1’ surface joining the two. For some reason, SketchUp seems to always think the last 2’ by 1’ rectangle is not a full rectangle but two separate shapes which DO technically join to make the surface I want, but it’s not the 2’ by 1’ surface I am looking for.
WTF SKETCHUP? I have deleted all the 2’ by 1’ surfaces, done tons of random stuff, but SketchUp continues to think there should be two surfaces here, not one single surface.

Is this a bug? WTF? Why does this rectangle keep getting split? I want a 2’ by 1’ rectangle, not two separate shapes!

Here’s a picture: (Left hand shows partial rectangle created, middle shows other half of partial rectangle, right hand shows correctly created 2’ by 1’ rectangle.)

Share the model so we can see what you are working with.

You shouldn’t be blaming sketchup with all your WTFs when the most likely answer is left over hidden geometry that you have left in the model space.
So if you want help do as Dave says and attach your model.


sketchup issue.skp (169.7 KB)

As Box indicated, it was due to hidden geometry in your model merging with the new stuff you drew. Turning on hidden geometry makes it visible. Pilot error in this case. SketchUp only did what you were asking it to do.

You should get in the habit of keeping your models clean. and make sure white front faces are exposed. There shouldn’t be any blue back faces visible.

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Yep, as soon as he mentioned hidden geometry I turned that on and found my answer.

This is my first time trying to mock something up and I didn’t bother watching any tutorials presuming it would be intuitive enough to learn without going too in depth. I can see that is clearly not the case though.

Much appreciated for your time,


Box has had long years of helping users like you sort out problems like this. This isn’t his first time, nor is it mine. I suspected the same thing with the hidden geometry but wanted to see your model to confirm.

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