Release of SU 2017

Does anyone know answers to the following?:

  1. Release date of SU 2017;
  2. Whether the bugs using SU/LO in current version will be ironed out when new version is released?

I have delayed upgrading to Sierra because of the uncertainties.

Someone probably does but the release of the next version is never announced before it happens. If the last couple of releases are an indication, it’ll happen sometime in November.

There are always bug fixes and “under the bonnet” fixes and improvements.

I thought that would probably be the answer, but it was worth a try!

I had notification of a new version today but I presume that is not 2017. Haven’t done anything about it yet.

There was a release of a new revision of SU2016 for Mac. Might be worth checking it out since it was intended to deal with Sierra-related issues.