Release of shift key ends dimension input



On an azerty laptop keyboard the shift key is needed to enter numeric values. To enter the dimension of a rectangle I need to release the shift key in order to type the ,-sign. When I release my shift key the focus to the dimension input is lost and my input is canceled.
So I’m unable to enter dimensions in


Hi Geno -

That is no good! Can you let me know what OS and browser you are using? Also, if you can give me very specific steps to repeat the issue, that would help. I just tried to repeat it and could not (I’m on a QWERTY though, which makes it harder).




I am using osx with safari, all latest versions.

To reproduce it’s easy I think.

Start drawing a rectangle
Enter numbers (which is with shift hold down in my case)
When I release my shift key to type the ,-sign my input disappears.

I think you can do the same on querty by just entering numbers and then
just press and release the shift key.


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