Release of shift key ends dimension input

On an azerty laptop keyboard the shift key is needed to enter numeric values. To enter the dimension of a rectangle I need to release the shift key in order to type the ,-sign. When I release my shift key the focus to the dimension input is lost and my input is canceled.
So I’m unable to enter dimensions in

Hi Geno -

That is no good! Can you let me know what OS and browser you are using? Also, if you can give me very specific steps to repeat the issue, that would help. I just tried to repeat it and could not (I’m on a QWERTY though, which makes it harder).



I am using osx with safari, all latest versions.

To reproduce it’s easy I think.

Start drawing a rectangle
Enter numbers (which is with shift hold down in my case)
When I release my shift key to type the ,-sign my input disappears.

I think you can do the same on querty by just entering numbers and then
just press and release the shift key.


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Has the cause of this been discovered? I’m having the issue too.

Same exact problem. Doesn’t crash it, but simply ends the input. I can’t input dimensions in inches because of this; I have to use fractional feet, which is non ideal.

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Hi Tyler. There are variations of the problem, and they happen in any browser, any OS. I dropped by to talk to the developer on Thursday. He could easily reproduce the problem, and created bug SKIT-3018.

I added a note to the bug to describe the issue with French and other non-QWERTY keyboard. shift keys.

By the way, I did add a French keyboard to my Mac keyboard menu, and was able to test that way.

Follow up note, I did more testing, and the shift key thing may be a different issue to the general keyboard shortcuts issue that started a few days ago. In this case the problem only seems to show in Safari. Using Chrome seems to work as expected.

Having the exact same problem when manually entering dimensions…Windows 10 Home OS.

When I press/hold shift to enter inches ("), program defaults to search mode and inputs are lost. I can enter dimensions in feet, but this is very inconvenient and a new bug. This wasn’t an issue two months ago when I was using the free trial version.

Any update on a fix?

Are you using the web version of the desktop version. Your profile is kind of unclear on this. If you are using the web version, what browser are you using?

This is what I see when I use Shift to add " for inches with Shop in Chrome. FWIW, if you are using feet and inches as the units, you don’t actually need to type " because inches are understood.

Yes, the subscription version of Sketchup Shop and I’m using Microsoft Edge browser. I’ll change the default to Chrome and see if that fixes the issue.

I tried using no unit of measure for one dimension and feet on the other and it didn’t seem to be correct.

Double checked your advice on the program defaulting to " and you’re right!

Thank you much!

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Regular Edge v44 has various keyboard shortcut issues. If you could use Canary v84, or the new Edge v81, all of the problems are fixed.

I faced the same issue. It happens only on Safari browser. Switching to a different browser will solve this. I switched to the Chrome and it had no such issues.