Relative paths for avoiding relinking

Please create the ability to work with relative paths. In our office we use dropbox. And everytime somebody else opend a layout file you need to link it again because the path of dropbox folder different for every user.



Hi Guy,

Yes, I´d also like to have this feature… We also use dropbox in our office, and had issues with paths, not only in skp, but in autocad. What we ended up doing was configuring the dropbox folder at the same path in all machines (c:\dropbox in our case)

This would not help in a multi os enviroment (there is no c drive in osx…) It would be ideal to have relative path support.

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Defo on this one!

Portability is key for any software bundled as “Pro”

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Good news! LayOut 2016 uses relative paths, and should now work seamlessly with Dropbox.

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Little note about sketchup/dropbox. I have a lot of problem of saving, mostly the skb and autosave files with 2016. Sketchup temporary files doesn’t like dropbox. I contact support and they told me they have problem in general with cloud server. So my fix is: I PAUSE dropbox when I use su and I unpause it between my projects. Work like a charm. And it actually fixing an other problem I had of people sneak on my file while I’m working on it. I find this very insulting. Its like having a big switch to say: ok guys, i’m done now, now you can look at my file.