Layout 2020 keeps "losing" skp ref


I would appreciate some advice. I’m literally ‘missing’ something here … :slight_smile:

My SKP files keeps going missing @ status / references / document setup. MAC

I have to ‘unlink’ and ‘relink’ them to their original location every time I open Layout? I did not move my SKP files from their original location @ ‘my documents’

I don’t understand why Layout keeps referencing /saving my SKP files to its “Library/Application support/Sketchup2020…” folder and does not hold the original link?

To me it looks like your file and path names might have “illegal” characters in them.

Was there something in particular that you noticed, about illegal characters?

Each LayOut file has an embedded copy of the files you inserted. When you are working, all of those embedded files are extracted into a working folder, deeply buried in the application support folders. Normally the originally inserted file is where it was when you inserted it, and if the path is in black writing, and is a link to a normal folder, everything is ok. If the original file doesn’t seem to be where it used to be, then you get to see the path to the working folder version.

Moving the LayOut file shouldn’t affect anything, but renaming or moving the inserted files would matter. When that happens you can relink to the new location or new filename, and the writing turns black again.

Also make sure to be linking to the original file, and not the working folder file. Your missing file is named DETAILS + INSERTS for layout_1055.skp, make sure you are not linking to 3659447015_DETAILS + INSERTS for layout_1055.skp

You would need to save the file when you have fixed the references.

I guess that you are opening the mounted disc instead of running the installed app itself.
There is no way LayOut Could get access to the files because it’s basically quarantined by the OS.
Do you have multiple icons in the dock?

Close all of them (forced if necessary)

Have a clean desktop (hide or quit all other programs)
Double click on the downloaded .dmg

When the panel with the SketchUp Icon appears (that’s why you needed to close all other apps, sometimes it gets hidden) drag that icon in the App folder right next to it.

Proceed and let it do it’s work (1.4 GB!)

Ditch the .dmg and don’t touch it, anymore :slight_smile:

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Thank you soooo much!
I think that is exactly it. Will try it out tmrw :slight_smile: