Layout references get changed to the embedded SKP file

I use an iMac studio with Ventura OS and store my files on my iCloud storage account. In Layout, if I click on a view port and then “Open in Sketchup” up comes the SKP file but instead of my correctly titled SKP file i get a different file that has the correct name with multiple numbers before and after but it isn’t the original correct file. If I open References that multi numbered file is highlighted and it says next to it says “embedded”.
I can “Unlink” that file and then “Relink” to my original file all goes back to the correct file. If I Edit that file and work with it, save it etc…all works. Later if I try to “Open with Sketchup” up comes the embedded file again. i.e. the link gets broken. It’s been speculated it might be due to the file being stored on the iCloud and takes too long to download so the computer defaults to the embedded file inside of Layout. While I’m doing my own test, has anyone had a similar problem and how have you solved the issue.

I know very little about the Mac system but, storing in the cloud and opening from there can cause issues. The best practice is to save the file to a local drive and open it from that drive.