Layout relative path to references

Looking through the forums I have found a couple comments saying relative paths were added as a feature in LO 2016. I am currently using LO 2020, and don’t see any implementation of relative paths.

I have my SketchUp file (being referenced) in the same folder as my LayOut file. If I move both files to a new folder and reopen LayOut the Sketchup file is listed as missing. If I move the folder it is also listed as missing.

If there is a relative path system what is it relative to, if not the location of the LayOut file? What am I missing?

Moving files has nothing todo with relative paths. It comes in play when accessing locations like servers or icloud drives.
When you access from another computer, the absolute path changes (C://user account/machine id/server/documents/etc.) but the relative path is the same, apart from the beginning. (…/server/documents/etc.)
This most likely comes in play when multiple users are sharing the same documents.
If you move a file, both absolute and relative paths are broken, because the location is changed in the end part of the path.

if the-layout.layout as well as the_referenced_skp.skp are both placed in the same folder, the relative path from the layout document to the sketchup document would be ./the_referenced_skp.skp regardless of where the actual folder is placed. If you then move both documents to another folder (yet, still both to the same folder), the relative path would still be the same and the link should not be broken.

you can check if a path is relative, if it starts with ./ instead of a drive number (windows) or a / on osx.



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Yes, so you would have to move the folder, instead of the file (one level up)

Well, you can move the folder as a whole, or the files themselves to another folder, leaving all other content the folder has just in place. The thing is, as long as the relative path from the layout document to the sketchup document is the same, that should work.

Now, regarding relative paths and absolute paths. I did nothing to specify whether I want relative or absolute. When the file was in the same folder, Layout decided to make it a relative path. If the file was located “far away” from the layout document, it got referenced as an absolute path. Not sure if that is a setting I can alter from the UI?