Reduce file size

Is there any way to reduce the file size of a model?

And is it possible to do a global material change? To select all with the same texture, for example, and change to something else across the whole model?


Probably but difficult to know without seeing a file. Most drawing files get too big because of imports from the 3DW.

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There are multiple things that can cause a model file to become large. Typical ones include:

  • large amounts of geometry (edges and faces) often in excessively detailed entourage elements downloaded from the 3D Warehouse. This issue can be addressed either by editing them, replacing them with simpler ones, or removing them entirely. Large statistics can also result from using groups or unique components for objects that are actually identical and could be instances of the same component.
  • unused components and materials. These can be purged either from using the model info statistics page or using various extensions (the extensions usually provide more information about what was purged). Other unused items such as tags and styles can also be purged, but unless there are very large numbers of them they usually don’t have much impact on file size.
  • large images, either as such or as textures for materials. The images can be deleted directly. The material textures can sometimes be edited to make the images smaller using an external editor. Extensions such as thomthom’s Material Tools can be used to select all elements that use a particular material, at which point you can remove it or substitute a different material. Once the material is unused, purge will remove it from the model.