File Size Unaffected by Deleting Most of the Model

Hello all,

I’m doing a model for an apartment, around 80 sqm, and have prepared a model. The file size is around 1.00 GB, and crashes when initiating rendering. To circumvent this issue, I wanted to create versions of the same file, each one retaining only the room that is to be rendered, deleting everything else. However, deleting everything except what is in the scene for rendering didn’t affect/reduce the file size and still crashed when rendering. Copying the contents into another file worked both in terms of reducing file size and enabling rendering. I’ve tried purging, removing parts or Warehouse models I considered problematic etc. and nothing did the trick, until I just moved everything into another file. This hasn’t happened before, and my question is: what did I do wrong?


Simply deleting content from the model space does not get rid of it completely. Components and Materials are still kept in the In Model collections. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused. Make sure all hidden geometry is made visible and all layers are visible. Delete anything you don’t need and then purge unused from Model Info>Statistics.

Styles are also kept in an In Model collection even if they aren’t being used.

Do you have any large hi res images being used for textures? Those can add a lot to file size without any benefit.

if purging fails you can also unhide everything, switch all layers visibile, select everything and copy’n paste into a new document.