Redo a tree that I downloaded

does anyone have any ideas.
I downloaded a tree, but every single leaf on this tree is made up of two faces that are not even grouped. And the image of the leaf is not placed right. I am willing to take the time to clean this up because I really need a good looking tree of this type. What I have been doing is taking the two faces of every leaf and grouping them. I then put them on a layer that I have hidden so they disappear from the model.
I plan on using an extension to turn all of the groups into components when I am finished grouping the leaves and then replace them with a component I made with the leaf placed right.
Does anyone have any ideas how to speed this process up?
This is a situation I find myself in a lot of times when I download a tree. It has a good shape and the image of the leaf or leaves is good but the leaves are not grouped.

The original tree is too large to download but here is just a portion of it.
tree leaves.skp (375.3 KB)

You could use loose to groups to quickly make the individual groups, then convert them to components, then replace them with a corrected component.

I was planning on using it to convert the groups to components. How do I make the individual groups with it? I downloaded it but have not used it yet.

I need each leaf which is made up of two faces to be one group. Can it do that?

Here you go
Loose to

thanks I will give it a try

Thanks, Box it seems to be working. It is just going to take some time