How do I go about simplifying these leaves

I have a whole tree with these types of leaves, there are thousands. Does anyone have ideas of how I can simply get rid of the diagonal lines through each 2 faces.

I do not think the two faces are exactly coplaner. But I do not really know how to check.
Test.skp (577.9 KB)

You delete the diagonal and if the two faces disappear, then you know they are not coplanar.

Thanks. So, they are not coplaner, since the faces disappear. I have been trying to use loose to groups to turn them into groups and then component replacer to turn the groups into components. But it can take days and even weeks to do that. I need some way to make the process faster. There are almost 200,000 edges in the original model

In the file you posted everything was exploded.

You can open the leaf component for editing and move one of the “free” corners so that it is on a plane with the face on the opposite side. After that you ought to be able to erase the dividing edge.

If your goal is to make the tree perform faster when your model contains a lot of them, I would guess that the improvement achieved will be minimal.

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The fact that the leaves are exploded is one of the main problems I have. None of the leaves are individual components in the original file. I was hoping that if I turned them into components. I could turn each leaf which is made up of 5 edges and 2 faces into 4 edges and 1 face. I have done this with other trees in the collection. But I was hoping I could find a faster way to do this. If you look at the leaves in the test, the material does not really look like a leaf. That was what started this project. Once the leaves are components, I can make them look like leaves.

If the 3D model of the tree has branches, you can keep them and delete all the leaves. Then create a single leaf component and add it to the branches using the Make Fur plugin.

Thanks. I have never used Make Fur, How do you get it to put leaves on branches. The branch system of these tree are what I really like.

Do a search on YouTube and watch tutorials to learn how to use the plugin.

I am doing that. But when I gave it my first try. The leaves are blank on one side. Even though when I click on texture and position it shows the leaf

It works ok

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Thanks. I have decided that the trouble I am having now with the leaves is with just my fir needles. My Maple Leaf that I was working on at first works fine.

It cut the size of the file by over a half. So thanks.
but the Fir tree I started out with Make Fur with only has the leaf on one side

Here is the leaf
Algerian Fir needles.skp (6.3 MB)

Basic SketchUp, just add texture to backface


Weird. For some reason the needles in my model had the back but did not display it. But the needles I sent didn’t have a back. I deleted the needles in my model and used the needles I sent and just did like you said and added the texture to the backface. And it works fine. Thanks.