Can not cut a group

Hi everyone!!

I downloaded from the warehouse a group (also is a component) that is a tree branch with more branches ramifications. I can scale it but I can not cut some of the tree branches although I have exploited the group. When I click and click and click the branches are made of thousands of triangles but I can not erase some of this small triangles, they are all joined. Can you help me and tell me if there is a manner to but some parts of my group_

Thank you so much for your reading me.

You will probably need to post the model…or at least one of the sub-branches, for us to see what the problem is.
I suspect that the problem is that the tree has is a rip-off of some Onyx or XFrog model that has been imported into SU and posted to the Warehouse… These have face counts that are orders of magnitude above what SketchUp is comfortable with and are effectively unusable.


Or a link to the specific tree in the warehouse.

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