Section cuts reverse when coming out of a group in 2015

Have been using Sketchup for many years going from Sketchup 6, to 8.

Have recently upgraded to Sketchup 2015.

In my model I create a group and create a section cut outside the group and then an opposite facing section cut inside the group.

When I come outside the group the section cuts reverse themselves, so the section cannot be viewed.

This always worked fine with previous versions of sketchup.

Have not changed my method of working. ??

I tried replicating your problem but in my case it seems to work fine. Could you share you SketchUp file, so we could have a look?


I am good to share the model with you .

Have attached the 2015 model 6547-16-01a and the sketchup 6 model 6547-16-01.

Zipped them up to fit in file size constraint.

Hope these okay for you.

6547-16-01a - V&A (681.2 KB)


Could not upload more than one file at a time.

Attached sketchup 6 model.

6547-16-01 - V&A (574.4 KB)

Hey, I looked at your model. Something was messed up but I think I figured it out. The problem seems to be in the axes of your group. I reset it in the same place and it seems to have solved your problem. Here’s the 2015 version. Have a look and let me know if something goes wrong. Btw, great work there! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

6547-16-01a - V&A (674.4 KB)


Thanks for the fix.

Not sure how the axes where changed, or how being different they affect the section cuts.

Works okay now though.

Thanks again

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Anytime! I copied your whole model into a new file to test the section cuts and it came out clean. I think it has something to do with the style and template you currently have but not sure.
Alternatively, here’s something interesting. Right clicking and reversing the section cut in the group also solves the problem, albeit the section cut arrows look at the opposite direction.

I’m currently unable to look at your models. Have you possibly mirrored the group using scale -1 or something like that, flipping the axis somehow.
Which might cause some confusion with the section planes.
Only guessing.