Recover corrupted file

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Hello @colin,
I had another file crash and then have the same error as last time, unexpected file format, and I am unable to recover. Unfortunately when the crash occurred, I had not saved for about an hour so hoping you can recover the file and the autosave wasn’t too far behind.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


That file opens without any problems.

The auto save file will show in the welcome screen, with Recovered written over the thumbnail. You can open that recovered file, make sure it seems ok, then do a save as to the folder you want to work in.

weird, your right it is opening now but right after the crash i tried and got the unexpected file format error. I opened it as well but I think now that I have opened I lost the option for the recovered version. or at least when I start up sketchup up I don’t see it shown. Any thing else I can try? This seems to be an issue with 2023 but never had this error happen in previous versions.

It is a good idea to reboot your computer after an application crash as memory may have been corrupted or services used by the crashed application may not have shut down (zombie processes.)