Recessed plate

Ok, i am designing a 3d printed pc case for a project and i have ran into a road block with my thinking.

If i have a 12x12x0.25 inch square plate on my my screen, i want a section of it, 10x10, to be recessed/beveled out so that there is room for the cpu fan and some other components.

Now i know i could make the case a little bigger, but then i wouldnt learn something new.

i tried to use autofold, but that created chamfered edges as well, which i do not want. i want it flat until the recess/bevel.


You need to show at least an image of what you are trying to accomplish. From what I can glean from your description, why not use Push/Pull to push in the 10x10 square face?

here is what i am trying to do. took me a few minutes to find a decent photo haha

push pull mixed with autofold?

On the side?

If it were my model I’d draw the 10x10 square and then do an offset of the desired width. Select the 10x10 square and use Move with Autofold to move it out.


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No. You wrote you didn’t want the bevel you got with Autofold which made me thing you don’t want a bevel at all. Doesn’t agree with the image you posted, though.

my autofold was pulling the bevel all the way to the end of the panel, not the section i wanted. I didnt use an offset which is why haha. Now i know i need the offset in order for the autfold not to do the behavior i was getting.

Now, what about the inside of the panel? does it get pulled up as well so it gives room for the cpu cooler?


this is what it kept doing to me haha. but you show what i was wanting. Im guessing i can do the same procedure to the inside as i do to the outside to make it recessed as well

Repeat the process on the inside keeping in mind that the fat face of the recess will be smaller than on the outside

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perfect. this will help alot. Gives me an idea to which direction i want to go with this micro case

Another option would be to use Follow Me.

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thats a cool way of doing it. I was going to test out push pull to get the basic square shape, then use follow me to make the bevel.

so far, i have 3 ways to do this.