Controlling the angle on autofold

A while back i was shown how to use the autofold option to make a chamfer for a hole. Is it possible to controll the angle of the autofold? ie, if i wanted it to be a 30 degree champher or a 45 degree and for a specific distance? that way my counter sinks are exact and when i 3d print the part, it will be what i need them to be:)


I would recommend drawing a triangle the angle you need, then using Follow Me to add them to the inside of the hole, rather than auto-fold.

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HEY! thats a great idea. i forgot about that method as well. i used that for a square plate i machined the other day. didnt think of that. I also like your video on solid inspector the other day. great vid

For a 45° angle, use the same distance for Move as you did for Offset. This will get you the 90° included angle for metric screws. Basic geometry.


ok, that makes sense. I see where your going with that. basically making a 45,45,90 triangle. I guess for theother measures, i could just do the trig and find the distances i need.

Yes. You could do that. If you were going to do a lot of this sort of thing, Wudworx Drill would be worth the investment.




oh man, yes, i will be making alot of holes and also a ton of rounds, fillets and what not. i can use freedo for most, but i like that wudworx extension.

thanks for that.

that is EXACTLY like the hole wizzard in solidworks. It is worth the $18 to me.

you could also set a guideline from the rim of the coutersink at a specified angle and then use autofold.

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i like that idea as well. thanks:)