Draft feature

is there a draft feature in SU pro? IE, if i make a rectangular block 5 inches by 10 inches, extrude it 2 inches. Then if i want a 5 degree draft/tapper on the bottom, what option would i use to create that 5 degree tapper?

i thought of autofold, but is there a feature or extension where i can type in any number i need for the draft?


hmm, maybe scale tool in some way haha

The protractor tool would get you the correct angle you need. Then you can use auto-fold, or draw at that angle and use push-pull.

Yes. Maybe the Scale tool. It depends on the shape and the amount of draft you need.

Or follow-me if you want the draft to run around all the sides.

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so, i tried the autofold tool and i can not get it to move vertically up at a 5 degree draft inwords. Even using the up arrow key. maybe my guide is placed inthe wrong spot. should be on the edge of the part?


hard to explain shape. umm, like a gold bullion bar. draft is upwards 5 dgrees if that makes sense

You should just be able to use the move tool.


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For a simple shape such as a bar of gold, Scale would work. If the shape gets more complex, then scaling and Autofold aren’t likely to be helpful.

Also, are you talking about draft as in the very slight taper required for cast parts so they’ll come out of the die? Or are you after more dramatic angling of the sides like your bar of gold?

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yeah holding alt with move. its not “shrinking” the top like i want it. its folding in the wrong ways or not at all.

I use autofold all the time for countersunk holes, but thats different because its the offset that is moving.

a more dramatic like the bar of gold. such as this: But knowing both are good. i am going to start casting parts with my new 3d printer:)

@slbaumgartner: thank you for that demo of the follow me. thats amazing that it can do that. i use follow me for basic things like screws, etc.

hardest part about scale tool, i can do it in percentages but not degrees haha

Most likely a path, a profile, and Follow Me will get you what you need.

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lol, i just barely finished doing that in the gif recorder to post.

and for kicks and giggles, i figured out how to get the right ratio on the scale tool to match my angle.

the scale factor is .9666 to get a 5 degree offset. I used an 85,5,90 triangle, some trig to find the missing length of 0.17 inches, multiplied that by 2, then did (10-0.34)/10 to get the .9666. Used protractor to verify and it was 85.00 degrees.

Math, gotta love it. BUT by far the follow me method is faster haha

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