Changing radii in batches

Can you change the radius of circles in batches? IE, if i have 5 holes drawn in something and i wanted to change them to be bigger or smaller, i can change each radius separately, but can i do multiples?


Not unless the circles are components which you probably don’t want in this instance. Might be faster to redraw the circles at the right radius centering them on the old ones. The erase the unneeded circles.

Dang. That would be a cool feature.

yeah i dont feel like making them all components and what not.

I have two choices, either redraw or change each one. but its only a few of them. Somehow at 5am, i made the radii 0.25mm larger on some of my holes. not all, just a few…

Draw one at the right size and then copy it to the other places using the centers for inferencing.

Why .25mm larger? Did you mistake M2 for Ø2?

Why 0.25mm? Thats what im trying to figure out! Either i wasnt paying attention or i just typed in the wrong number by accident. It was for the base. I have only had time to make the base. work has been super busy!

Drawing circles over the old ones is exactly what i did haha. it works faster.

Ah, yes. 1.5 is not half of 2.5. :wink:

I did those holes this way:


you and your $20 woodwurx extension haha.

exactly! 1.5 is not half of 2.5. Its the calculus thats getting me. i was up till midnight or so doing that homework and now my fractions are all messed up haha.

OHH speaking of countersinks. i am using autofold, but for metric, the deepth is the same as offset, but what is the offset set to? is it always 1.25mm no matter the diameter of the hole?

so if i have a 2.5mm hole, would i offset 1.25mm? or is it a specific percentage?


You really need to look at the diameter of the screw head and go from there. You also need to decide if you want to set the head flush with the surface or very slightly below.

For a 2.5mm screw, the max head diameter is 4.7mm. I’d use that 4.7 and instead of using Offset, I’d use the Circle tool and draw a circle at 2.35 radius.

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interesting, so the 2.5mm is a radii dimension when they say a 2.5mm screw? or is that the shank dimension?


No. The screw is a 2.5 mm diameter screw.