Different OD

Hi, can anyone help, how I would make the following

Thank you

If that is a part of a cone, draw a cylinder first, then change the diameter of one end.

Select the circle you want to change, and type the new radius you want in the Entity Info box.

Or use the scale tool, after tapping the Option key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) to scale about centre.

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Thanks. It should be cone like on the 1 side and flat on the opposite. Also the smaller hole will be going through a “wall”
Basically I have a cover, the small circle will cut through the wall.

I’m sorry, but I don’t ‘get it’ at all. I can’t relate your first sketch to the later image and your description.

Could you do a freehand sketch in 3D? Or at least three views and an isometric drawing?

Your first drawing showed (I thought) a shakily drawn beer glass.

Are the breaks in the lines on left and right ‘holes’?

I still can’t make sense of what you are trying to draw.

I’ve had one more idea. Is it a short vertical cylinder on top of a skewed cone shape? Like this:

If so, where is/are the hole(s)?

Perhaps like this?

If that is roughly correct in principle, I can demonstrate tomorrow evening - heading for bed now in UK and busy during the day.

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Do you mean something like this?
The cilinder on the bottom side I don’t understand…

DigitalM.skp (247,5 KB)

that’s exactly what I saw in the first drawing!

Yes this ppicture is what i want. The top circle will have a radius off 20mm and the bottom 7.5mm. The hole in the side will be an outlead not on this object.

So i wanna create it exactly as your picture. If i just change the circle radius i end up with a cone.

Thanks for your help. Im South Africa so our time difference is probably about 2hours. Ill keep checking for your solution, thanks again

Scale the top circle using the measurement units.


Thanks. I will try it out now.

So you want an offset-cone shape? When you have the cone in place, select the bottom circle. Then use the Move tool to slide the circle leftward along the red axis until the left-most point of the bottom circle is aligned underneath the left-most point of the upper circle.

To make the Move action precise and easy, you might want to first draw a vertical guide line along the left-most point of the upper circle (this guide line would intersect the red axis). Then when you initiate the Move action, do it by clicking (and releasing) on the left-most point of the bottom circle. Move the circle leftward until the chosen point falls along the guide line (SketchUp should jump the movement over there and display a tool-tip something like “on guide line”).


Or Move…






Is this what you want?

Excentric reducer.skp (124.1 KB)

If so, I used the Engineering Toolbox plugin to create a
6x3 excentric reducer.

If you want to design your own and practice SU tools and techniques, see this SU file.

Excentric reducer 2.skp (169.2 KB)

Thanks will have a look

Hi, can you demonstrate how you gave the 2nd pic an ‘offset’
To be precise, it will be 3d printed so i need the pipe to have ann offset of 5mm all around.

Select the perimeter of a face. You can double click on a face and it is selected as well as its perimeter.

Use the Offset tool. Begin to move the mouse, let go of it and type 5mm or just 5 if your units are already set to millimetres. Don’t worry about the fact that the face is also selected. The Offset tool only uses the edges forming the perimeter.

See some help about this tool here:

Beware that if you model with very small dimensions, you may encounter problems.

Model larger using, for example, meters instead of millimetres.

Then, your slicer program shall accept this large model and scale it appropriately when you tell it what are your dimensions.

I will let experts in 3D printing chime in to explain it in a better way.

You can also scale down by 1000 when done to get back to mm.

The problem eith that is, the offset is not through the hole design. I wanted to check. So i deleted a sude to see in side , the ofset was only on the outside.
I am going to 3d print the complete model. This pipe must be 5mm thick , using this method, it will pront 5mm at the circles but not the “cone”

Or am i do8ng something wrong?


The inside will have to be pulled for the side “cone” to have an offset, but i can’t just pull as it has different diameters . I need to pull the offset around the whole object.

If what im trying to describe, makes sense.