How do I draw a Circle with diameter instead of radius?


I’m just learning and I need to draw a 9.5" diameter circle. The measurement is set to radius. Can I change it?


You’ll learn to get good at figuring the radius of circles. In this case 4.75" will do it.


no, you need to do the maths…



Thank you. So there’s no way to change the default units to diameter instead of radius?


No. There isn’t.


Thank you!


Just draw a line as long as the desired diameter then draw your circle from the midpoint.



@Shep’s idea is the quick workaround. Circles by diameter has been requested before but so far not implemented.


And you only need it done in inches LOL . . I have to do it in mm for 3D printing and I love Linux it has a program called Convert so I do the inch to mm and then divide in half for circles . . and hopefully get the part really close with a drawing pad and pen ( use drawing pad and pen to move the edge of the circle to right size ) . . Lots of fun errrrrrrrr some times . . Really need a wheel or something do that fine adjusting with . . It is why I started using the Drawing pad and the pen for a mouse in Sketchup Make 2016 . .


Why aren’t you using a mm templets? I’m using a graphics tablet, and a nummeric keyboard, with this combination it works fine for me.


I am using the Template . . Inside the template I use the Drawing pad and Pen as I am doing this on a LAPTOP has touch pad for mouse movement not really great for control of size . . . .


If you expect to do accurate models for 3D printing, use a mouse as they intended. It makes no sense to use a touch pad.


Hi folks.

Another workaround is to draw the circle using the diameter as the radius and scale by 0.5.

Not as efficient as Shep’s idea, especially if the circle ha stop interact with other geometries.

As I pointed it in the past, using a d before of after the number could tell SU to use the number as a diameter.




Just type 9,5"/2 + enter… no it doesn’t work :frowning:
may be because of my French keyboard

Yet it works in metric units. Just enter 105m/2 for a circle of radius 52,5. I use it every day.


That works in some cases.


That will work when both numbers are integers, but not for decimals. It works because SketchUp allows fractional values, not because it does general arithmetic.


I have tired it and did not get the control I wanted to . . So a Pen with the drawing pad is much more accurate for small adjustments in drawing circles or a solid of some kind !


I don’t use the mouse to make small adjustments in the size. If you are, you’re working way to hard. Better to work smarter not harder.


Most users just type the desired radius instead. That’s much easier and more precise.


Hello. Another workaround-suggestion from me. Download the Arcs Circles + plugin from the Extension Warehouse. One of its tools is a 2 point circle, which basically is what you want - a circle defined by the diameter.