Sometimes the Dimension Tools Gives Radius when I Want Diameter

When the dimension tool returns a radius, is it possible to change it to a diameter, and vice versa?

Also, is there a way to control whether it returns one or the other?

Generally if the tool is returning a diameter, you are dimensioning a circle and if it returns a radius, an arc. If you’ve drawn a circle but then divided its edge, you’ll get a radius instead of diameter.

Thanks, Dave!

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BTW, I neglected to add that you can change a diameter to a radius or radius to diameter by context clicking on it and selecting the appropriate type.

I should have added that before but dogs were pestering me for a walk.


Perfect! That’s what I was looking for, how to change it.

Thanks, again!!!

what is the tool or extension for this functionality? SU2017

It’s the built-in Dimensions tool, available on the Tools menu or a toolbar showing its icon button:
(it’s on the large tool set, but on Windows you can customize your own toolbars to put it anywhere)

OK I tried that in sketch up and it works. How do i get that information shown in layout?