Circle tool - wrong dimension

I am experiencing this annoying behavior when drawing a circle forcing the circle tool on the desired axis by pressing on the arrow keys.

Example - Have to draw an 80mm radius circle on the red axis

I select the circle tool, press the key button so the circle tool turns red, input 80mm in the measurements box and press enter. The circle created is 59.2mm radius !?

But if

I use the orbit tool until the circle tool turns red, input 80mm in the measurements box and press enter. The circle created is 80mm radius…

I find this pretty annoying, as I find the inferencing engine slow and a PITA to use (most times).
Is this a bug or what ?

Are you dragging out the radius of the circle before typing the dimension?

I use the same procedure as when I draw without forcing the axis.
I point the cursor to the center, drag to an arbitrary dimension (generally much larger then the desired radius) then input the measure in the box.

As I did in the GIF I added?

Yes. Only difference I can see is you made it smaller and i do it larger then input measure

Are you clicking in the box to type?

No, I don’t need to click on the box to input the measure

The actual size of the circle you initially draw doesn’t matter.

There’s something you’re missing in the process.

I know. Anyway your latest gif is exactly how I do it

What version of SketchUp are you using. Complete your profile.

I thought it was already in my profile as you previously answered my questions and you knew the machine and software I was in

Anyway I am on a Linux Box running Sketchup 2017 in a virtual machine

Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 7_53_15 AM

Sorry. I can remember some things like my wife’s birthday but it’s been more than a year since your previous posts. I’ve probably dealt with several thousand people since then. I can’t remember what version of SketchUp or what OS they are all using.

Can you show a GIF or what you see like I did?

Sorry, Sketchup 2016…

I see the same behavior as the initial poster using SketchUp Pro 2018. They behavior key (I think) is the direction in which the mouse has been moved before entering the dimension value in the VCB. If the mouse has been moved in an arbitrary direction, then when X is input into the VCB, the circle will not have radius X - the resulting radius may be some kind of projection between X and where SketchUp thinks the mouse is in 3D space.

On the other hand, if the mouse was moved along an axis in-plane with the circle (as shown in the GIFs above), then the resulting circle will have radius X.

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Best practice is to drag out the radius on axis.

No GIF. MP4 ?

It does the same even when I drag the radius on an axis (what i believe to be the axis in free space)

SketchUp displays its understanding of the geometry when dragging out from the center of the axis (at least 2018 does). If I click in empty space to position the circle and start moving the mouse on an axis, SketchUp draws a green or blue line out from the center of the circle, and also displays a tool-tip of the axis name. If the mouse is moved in an arbitrary direction, SketchUp draws a black line from the center of the circle. Thus, check the color of the radial line being drawn by SketchUP while you are moving the mouse. Make sure it is an axis color, prior to letting go of the mouse and entering a dimension.

Ok. I think it has to do with the direction I drag the mouse to.
Is this solved in newer releases ?