How obtain RADIUS Dimension read-out?

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If you a placing a dimension on an arc, the radius will be given automatically. If you are dimensioning a circle, the dimension is normally given as a diameter. Right click on the dimension. Choose Type and select Radius if you want to change it.

Thank you for the reply; But, clkng the ARC gives the start of a LINEAR Dim. ?

Are you clicking on the edge of an ARC or the end? When it is selected, does Entitiy Info show it’s an arc?

I returned, erased all, [start from scratch] … drew fresh 2-pt ARC …Dim[Radius] worked!

A circle or arc doesn’t really exist as geometry in SketchUp. Rather, there is added metadata that tells SketchUp a series of edges are supposed to represent a circle or circular arc. Some kinds of editing cause SketchUp to abandon the metadata, at which point the segments become just a polyline. At that point SketchUp doesn’t know the center or radius any more. You can tell this has happened if you select a segment and a) the others aren’t automatically also selected, or b) Entity Info doesn’t show a circle or arc selected.

As you found, the fix is to erase the circle or arc and redraw it. There are some extensions (e.g. by Chris Fulmer) that will attempt to find a center and radius given two edges and will regenerate the circle or arc for you. Last I checked, they also work by deleting and recreating the circle or arc. There is no direct way to attach new metadata to edges.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll stick with easy way - DEL,ETE, and redraw.

On a different prob., when clkng pts, [to create a Face, to P/P]; how deal with Arc.

Please start a new topic for this question, and be sure to spell out clearly what you mean. From this terse post I’m not sure what you are trying to do.

Please inform me ways to make the question more informative, hence, clearer ?

It would be extremely useful if you could fill out your user profile with computer type (Mac/Win), OS version, and graphics card make/model. Right now it only lists “SketchUp Make/Pro version: SU15” which isn’t terribly helpful for troubleshooting.

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