Dimensioning Radius and Diameter for curves and circle

Using Sketchup web for this issue.

I’m trying to dimension a plane circle in the web version. Using the dimension tool I can only ever get linear dimensions like the distance from the centre to the edge or from edge to edge but none of them come out as the diameter or radius option that I get in the old Sketchup desktop version.

What am I doing wrong here?


I don’t use the web version:

Distance from center to an endpoint on the edge is the radius. x2 and you have the diameter.

I’m not sure if you have an entity info type panel in the web version - does it give you any information when you select the circle?

I know what the radius and diameter are. I’m trying to put the dimension onto the drawing - When dimensioning a circle in the old desktop version you could specifically get a dimension labelled diameter or radius as part of the dimension tool. I can’t get that to work in the web version.

There is an entity info panel but it only seems to have area and materials listed in it.

DIA and R in SketchUp for Web

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Thanks for that. Your example showed me what I was doing wrong.

I was trying to make the diameter/radius by starting from the centre and it wouldn’t work. But starting from the outside edge, and hovering to get the circle to self highlight has solved it.

So obvious in retrospect.