Changing radius of circle after you first did an offset, then circle disappears

With the latest sketchup pro : 20.1.228 following action does not work anymore.

First I draw a circle, then with the offset tool I make a second circle which is bigger than the previous tool, then I want to correct this radius of this 2nd circle just by typing a new radius… and this circle disappears !
This used to work in all previous versions of sketchup.

it still works when you make the 2nd circle smaller with the offset tool and then change the radius to a bigger size than the orginial.

Any suggestions on this ?

thx Mike.

I have Pro version 20.1.235 (Win10 64-bit) and it behaves as expected. I can enlarge the second (offset) circle (after it is created) by modifying the ‘Radius’. I can also modify the ‘Segment’ count of either circle.

I am also able to create the new circle by typing an ‘offset’ rather than clicking a second point. Works for both smaller and larger circles.

I also haven’t been able to reproduce this (using 20.1.228 on Mac). On the off-chance it is specific to your model, can you share one where this happens?

Edit: afterthought - you realize the value you enter is the offset distance not the radius?


I’m not seeing the behavior either. I can change the amount of offset with no problem. Maybe you can share an example so we can see what you are seeing?

Ok, just realised there’s one extra step you have to do to get this behaviour.

First draw a circle, the pull it up, then on top of this cylinder you select the circle again and offset it to make it bigger… then type in the desired radius.

How can I record this as you all did ?


So when i modify it from 25 to 27 it’s gone.

Licecap, it is free

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Your final image shows z-fighting, indicating two faces at the identical position. But even when pulling the circle up to a cylinder I can’t reproduce what you describe.

Edit: I got the problem to happen once. But now I haven’t been able to make it happen again. There is something additional involved in triggering this behavior. That makes me agree it is a bug, but until there is a fully repeatable test case it will be hard for the developers to analyze.

Use the measurements box to change the distance. Doing it this way will not create the new face.

More info: I am able to make it happen pretty often now, but still not 100%. It seems sensitive to where you click when starting the offset. Locations near but not quite on a vertex of the circle seem to provoke the bug.


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For me it works all the time, should be easy to reproduce for them. it this thread followed up by the team ? or is there another channel to report this.

Tagging it with “bug”, as you did, should get their attention. Since there is no BugSplat involved and this doesn’t involve the Ruby API, I don’t know another way to report it.