Resize circle to precise radius in SketchUp


When I create a circle in sketchup, I would like to resize the circle to an exact radius. How do I do this?

Thank you

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Why not create it to the exact radius in the first place?

If the circle hasn’t been modified, you can change the radius by Selecting it and entering the new radius in Entity Info.

Hello, I’m quite new to this also but by chance by question is similar. I believe that once you’ve left the circle alone, it can not then be resized unless you want to try and use the scale tool. Otherwise you can input the radius simply by typing it after you’ve created the circle.

I had a query on the radius though which is that I create an exact radius say 10.50 meters but then when I went back and measured this with the measurement tool, it produces an estimate that isn’t always that close to what it should be say it might then say 10.10…any ideas on that?

No. That’s not correct. As I wrote, you can change the radius by typing the new one in the Entity Info window.

You could also increase or decrease the radius by using the Move tool on a cardinal point and typing the required change in radius.

Please provide an example SKP file that shows that. Most likely you aren’t measuring the radius to a vertex on the edge of the circle.

Thanks DaveR, I had started replying before you posted so missed your comments!

Happy to provide a file, sorry no idea what an SKP file is!

An SKP file is the file type you get when you save a SketchUp file.

I have a lot to learn - I warned you I was new! Actually just using the Entity Info tool shows that I have the correct radius. I was using the top down tool and the circles are overlapping one another so I think thats probably confused the situation.

Thanks again for your help!

What is the “top down tool”?

As in a birds eye view

Oh. You selected the Standard Top view. I get it now.