Trouble Resizing Circles


I am new to SketchUp and am trying to familiarize myself with the software. I haven’t fully grasped the tape measure tool yet.

I have drawn a rectangle, and inside the rectangle I have drawn four circles of different sizes. Now I want to individually resize each circle by radius. If I use the tape measure tool, click on the center of a circle, then click on the outside of the circle, it shows me the radius. If I type a new radius and hit enter, the circle is resized to the new radius, but the other three circles and the square all scale accordingly.

How can I resize something without everything else changing dimensions at the same time?


Select a circle and change its radius in the Window menu>Entity Info window.



Thanks Anssi! That did it.


Or you can create a (temporary) group of the circle and scale in the context of that group.