Changing radius of selected circles

Is there any way to change the radius of selected circles to a defined radius? The selected circles can be of the same or different radius.

Provided the circles haven’t lost their circleness during edit, you can select one and enter a new radius in entity info. I’m not at my computer now, so not sure whether that will work if you select multiple circles.

Do you mean changing the Entry info? It only works for single, I have multiple circles with different radii.

That’s what I was unsure about. Went back to my computer and found that you can’t even select more than one circle at a time and have it recognized as such. If you select one circle and then add a second, entity info reports the selection as a collection of edges with no idea they are circles.

Someone could no doubt write an extension to do this - it seems pretty straightforward. I don’t know if anyone ever has.

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I tried copilot for ruby code but struggled to get the output.

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