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Hi my friends,

I am building a project and in many places I have to extrude a hole with 2mm radius. Some times the hole has 6mm of deep and sometimes they are 20mm deep.

I have many components that have these holes with 2mm radius. The problem is that today I discovered I will have to use a 3mm radius hole and I will probably have to resize ALLL the circles, remove the extrude and extrude again! That’s tedious! So I ask you: how can I make my project in a way that if later I want to change the hole radius it’s easy and not a pain?


Why will you have to do that? It sounds like a whole lot of needless work if you want 2 mm radius holes in the first place.

Why not show us an example of what you are trying to accomplish?.


kkkk! Yeap, unfortunately I cant be sure of the size of the hole, it is supposed to be changed while we are testing a prototype. Isnt there a way to create a component that is a circle so I can use it everywhere? The problem I see is that I dont know if the hole will work when the circle changes.


You can create a hole component which you could edit and scale to change its radius. Or edit and replace the existing geometry in the component with new. It won’t make a real hole even if it has hole cutting capabilities but maybe that won’t matter for your application.


While still in ‘concept’ mode, you should be thinking in concepts! as @DaveR mentioned you could use Cutting or Hole Components in your Model. Instead of editing and cutting holes in the actual Prototype-Group you can place representators of the holes to-be-cut. You can easily replace holes by a larger ‘hole-cutter-component’ via the reload option, provided that you saved them in a collection.
If the prototype is ready , you can use the trim tool (Pro only and on solid components…) or use the intersect tools on Make.


I am probably not too smart as you think, I could not understand what you said even watching your nice gif cause in your case you didnt simulate changing hole diameter so I could not see how it would be done :frowning:


I replaced the holes with larger ones ( all components)
here’s the .skp :
HoleConcept.skp (258.2 KB)

I have colored the cutting components and put the axis 1mm under the center of the lager tapered circle, so the component would be placed a fraction (1mm) higher above the face on which it is placed(for visibility reasons)

as for your specific situation, I think ‘damage is already done’ perhaps by sharing the .skp you might trigger someone to have a look at it !


In my honest opinion, I certainly do not think that you (or anybody else) is smarter than me, she or he. It is my conviction that the smartest people ask the most questions!
Since you couldn’t fully comprehend what I was trying to display, the blame would be on me :slight_smile:


You are right but I know I am not smart, I was never a smart kid nor adult! So I cant blame no one for my incompetence in learning. I really appreciate kind people like you that takes time to help others.

As you asked I am sharing my project here below. I took a look at your example and indeed your approach worked but if you take a look at my project file below I think it’s not easy to implement since my holes have different radius

Carrinho7.skp (1.4 MB)


Ok, nice model and very well organized, so it was not hopeless !
I edited the red base group , made some guidelines to remember the center of the holes and just deleted the geometry which represented the holes. Faces healed themselves. I then made a cutting component (Pink) and placed them on the original holes. When creating the component I placed the origin in the center of the top circle. Thus making it easy to place them from the component tray ( then edited the component by pulling the top circle 1MM up, so those top-faces wouldn’t interfere with the top-face of the red base-group.
As you see, I am using the copy of the cutting component to edit: I am not scaling the component itself, I am editing the component (double-click) and selecting all of it’s geometry. Then scale it to desired dimensions. This scaling can be controlled by center (Option on Mac, Ctrl for Windows) and adjusted by exact measurements by typing the desired measurements ( e.g. 22mm;22mm) You must use the units, otherwise it will use the relative scaling factor! When the holes are your liking, apply the solid trim or intersecting tools.

Happy sketching!


And here is the skp :slight_smile:

Carrinho7EDITED.skp (1.4 MB)


My friend thank you so much!! I took a look at that and now I am starting to understand. But I think you got the wrong hole. The holes that I need to be able to edit their radius are the small holes, the ones that I will use to put a screw. The holes that you kindly showed me how to do are only present to keep my car with less weight and to spend less 3d filament.

The actual holes that I need to be able to change radius are the small ones present in most of the components. I am not lazy, I can use your method and apply it to all the other holes but there is a problem! Some holes are deeper than others, others are really shallow. So how will I be able to keep the same depth of the holes just changing their radius?


You can use the scale tool in three dimensions, too! For the Red,Green plane I picked one of the middle handlers, on a corner. For using three dimensions , pick one of the outers, and type the three dimensions. ( 6mm;6mm;20mm)


Reallyy great!!! It worked perfectly! Thanks man, you are aawesome! Anyway I with there was an easier way to do that.


@MikeWayzovski I had an “idea”. Is there some kind of “object inspector” like in photoshop that allows me to select all the circles? If there is a thing, I can selectn them all and simiply change the radius! Is there this thing or something similar?


There is Thomthom selection tools, it 's an extension and has various selecting options!


We are getting out of topic here, toolbars can be found f.i. By right-clicking on (empty) toolbar space and select the toolbar of your choise. Other: View>Toolbar


That tool is amazing! I selected all my elements and filtered only circles!!! Thart’s really good but this takes me to another question: if I select only one circle I can easily change the radius at the right panel. But if I select more than one circle I cant set the radius anymore. How can I achieve this?


Go back a number of posts of this topic… srry :grimacing: If you wanna change it, it would involve some work
( and this topic keeps circeling around…)


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