Circle Tool will not allow me to make a object with a diameter of .2mm

Hello, I am rather new to Sketchup, I really like the overall design and simplicity relative to Maya. Anyhow, I’m having some serious issues getting circles with a diameter smaller than .2mm, I’m creating a small device with a speaker grill that requires holes of that size so I’m at a slight loss. I’m sure I could scale the whole model larger but I’d rather not if there’s a way to rectify this. I tried to increase the precision with no avail.


Scale up, Sketchup cannot reliably create geometry that small.
It can exist but is problematic to create.
You can always make your model a component, make a second instance and scale that up, edit the large one and delete when finished.

Hi Kelvin, hi folks.

A typical speaker grille can have thousands of these holes. Beware that generating thousands of circles will create a huge model file. You can either use a texture or, if you really need true circles, minimize their amount of segments using 8, for example instead of the default 24.

Just ideas.


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Thanks, well the speaker grill in my case is only six holes. However I’m a bit of a nazi when it comes to detail in my models. I want them to be basically 3D printer ready in terms of true features. I fixed my issue by scaling the whole model up.