Chamfer box at 2mm


im trying to make a 60mm cube and im doing an arc 2mm x 2mm but its leaving gaps
if i make the arc bigger it does it properly. is there any way to get around this?
could anyone please help me.


Sketchup has problems forming faces when they are too small. When line segments get down around 1mm you get holes.
Scale your model up to work on it and down when you are finished.


Change the precision of the units.


Changing the units will alter the digits SketchUp displays, but it will not affect the issue Box mentioned. SketchUp’s internal tolerance of .001 inch is not affected by your units settings.


Thanks for all the replies it was very helpful :slight_smile:


In addition, try to use as few segments as possible in your arcs. For a small fillet the default 12 is probably too many, for display purposes you can even make do with 3.