Accurate to .1mm



Can anyone tell me if sketchup is accurate to .1mm?


It can be more precise than that depending upon the Precision setting you have made for Units in Model Info. But in the end, it’s only as accurate as you make it.


Sorted it, thank you so much.


One word of warning: if you are looking for that level of precision, it is likely you are modeling small parts. SketchUp has an internal tolerance of about 0.025 mm at which it has trouble creating new geometry without gaps and holes. To avoid the tolerance, scale your model up by 100 before drawing and then back down after you are through. Working in metric, this is relatively easy.


I’m creating slots for 3mm material to go through so I want a tolerance of .6mm. Do you think I need to do what you suggest for this purpose?


It depends on the shapes involved and how you draw them, so a hard answer isn’t possible. Just be aware of the likelihood and ready to do the scaling if you find strange holes or jaggies in your model.


It depends a lot on the overall size of your model. If you are only working on things that are very small, you may as well work in meters and scale down when finished. Tiny geometry can exist but can be problematic to create.
As you can see here I have made a simple grid and scaled it right down, you can see as I try to draw smaller and smaller the edges start to fail or jump to other points.

If you set your model to m but just think of that as a unit you can easily model anything and quickly resize to the correct scale when needed.

On the other hand, if you have small things within a larger model it can be better to create a component at the correct size, but use an instance of that component scaled up to edit. The large edits are reflected in the small original and you simply delete the large one when complete.


Ok, thanks, it makes sense to scale it up rather than struggling.