SketchUp Go: units of measurement

I’ve been using Free, but can’t go sub-millimetre with any of my dimensions. Would SketchUp Go let me do that? It’s a small device I’m building so half-mill distances matter.

You can change units and precision here

Things to note
The smallest possible value that SketchUp Pro can accurately store is
0.0254 mm

(I’m not sure if the new web versions are built on a different foundation)

SketchUp isn’t really designed for small objects, as it was made as an architectural massing tool. You can run into certain problems if you are working on tiny tiny things.

If you are working on very small things you may find that keeping the model in cm but typing in the mm value you want might help.

So if you want 4mm , enter 4cm instead.

Once it is built you can group the object and scale it down by 10 - this will help avoid some of the difficulties you can hit with very small things.

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And untick length snapping! It introduces small errors that will bite you…

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You can even use meters instead of millimetres and then scale by 0,001 when done.

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