Number of segments to large for given angle and radius

I am trying to do a .0204 radius and I keep getting this error message. Is there anyway to work around this?

Use fewer segments or a larger radius.

What are you modeling?

That check makes sure that the edge segments of the arc aren’t so short that either they risk being erased due to SketchUp’s small feature tolerance or causing confusion because they are to close to being on the same straight line. You could either draw your model at an enlarged scale, e.g. use meters instead of mm, or if working on a component use “the Dave method”. Either way, because the tolerance check only fires when you draw something new, scaling back to the correct size doesn’t trigger it.

I am modeling a profile of a cabinet door. So it is a very small radius at only .0204 inches. I prefer to not scale it up but maybe there is no other choice.

How will you use that profile? Are you drawing just the profile to use for a pattern to make a cutter? Or will it be used to show the entire door. If the latter, there’s no point in even drawing that as a radius as it will not be visible.

good question, I am drawing the profile to create a catalog of all the profiles that we have. So in this case it would be really nice to have the exact specs.

So if you only need them as 2D profiles, you could do a couple of things. One would be to model in SketchUp but use meters instead of inches. If needed you can add dimensions and just omit the units.

Alternatively you could draw them in LayOut instead.

Is LayOut a different program altogether?

LayOut is a separate program that is included with SketchUp Pro. It is used to make the documentation you might need from your SketchUp models.