Too many segments to make an arc

I am trying to Round over the corner of a thin wall. Whenever I try, I get the following:

Number of segments is too large for given angle and radius.

Granted, this is a thin wall of 5/32 of an inch for a 3D print. Seems to me I was able to change the number of segments in a curve some time ago, but I can’t find where that ability is in this version of Sketchup Pro Version 22.0.353.

It appears that this is a ongoing problem in this version of Sketchup. When will it be fixed?

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A few versions back they limited the number of segments you can use for small radius arcs and circles. This was done to help users avoid the tiny face issue which prevents the formation of manifold objects. It’s not an “ongoing problem to fix.” There is a minimum limit to the distance between endpoints. If enpoints are closer than that, SketchUp assumes they are coincident and removes one. You can scale the model up by a factor of 100 or 1000 and use more segments in the curves. It you scale back down the faces may remain unless you use too many segments.

For 3D printing I model with units set to meters and think in either millimeters of inches. I export the .stl file with units set to meters. Then when I import the .stl file intothe slicer it comes in at the right size. The slicer I use only imports in millimeters so if I model thinking in inches, I scale the model up by 25.4x so the imported .stl file will be correctly sized.

Here’s a 3D printed object I did recently.

This is the model I worked from.

Modeling at this size allows the use of more segments in curves without the issues of missing faces that would prevent the objects from being manifold.

Please update your forum profile to include SketchUp version. Also update the operating system info.

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