Error drawing 2 point arc


I’ve never seen this error in SU 2016: “Number of segments is too large for given angle and radius”. I’m adding radii to a handle, the top worked fine but the one near the bottom gives the error. I decreased the number of segments from default to 8 and still get the error. Is this new to 2017?

The handle is 3" high. Got it to work with 4 segments.


What’s the radius of the arc you’re trying to see?

It is new in SU2017. It’s intended to head off problems people create by using too many segments in small radius arcs. (Problems that occupy a great deal of time for people teaching new users how to use SketchUp.)


About 3/4", just trying to knock off the sharp corners. I’m happy to hear it’s new, I was really confused.



What was the angle? The one above the 90° corner? A 3/4 in. radius should have been alright at 12 segments.


The lower angle, the one I had trouble with, is ~54°.


A little bit more of an explanation in the error message would go a loooooong way. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to create a circle and kept getting this error. Internet searches provided nothing, finally managed to find this.

Simply adding something along the line of “resulting segments would be too small to be practical” would be really, really helpful. I couldn’t figure out how it couldn’t manage a 60 sided circle at a small diameter when it could do the same circle at a larger diameter.


So did you finally discover that the reason for the message is that SketchUp won’t create very short edges? They can exist but SketchUp won’t create them.

Why do you need a small diameter circle with so many sides? As I said, they can exist but you need a different approach. Generally that involves drawing at a larger scale and then scaling down.


I finally discovered it when I saw your explanation on this forum. Prior to that, it made zero sense. An error message that requires an internet search to be understood is a poor error message. I spent quite a bit of time trying to recreate the circle and then adjusting my inputs to see if I wouldn’t get the error, then finally gave up and started searching. When that didn’t work, I came here, and managed to find the explanation.

Why do I need a small diameter with so many sides? Because the large diameter circles that I was drawing beforehand were fugly without increasing the number of segments. Having successfully drawn larger diameter circles, then getting an error when trying to create a smaller version of the same circle and getting an error that doesn’t explain itself is eminently frustrating.


This error is really starting to kill me. Drawing a simple shape with circles of varying radii, draw large circles with enough segments so they actually look like circles, then add a smaller circle, and YAY THE ERROR. Gets even better when I try to add small arcs.


So how do we fix this?


At the moment, the “fix” is to work at a larger scale and scale down after you’ve drawn what you need. Or go back to SU2016 or earlier. They’ll let you set a greater number of segments for your small arcs and circles. Just be aware that you may get to spend time repairing the problems you’ll create such as missing faces.


Releasse notes state Fixed an issue with the Circle/Polygon tools in which they could snap to axis inferences that didn’t exist when off axis.
Fixed an issue with the Circle/Polygon tools in which they seemed to disappear during drawing and couldn’t be completed when the radius was aligned with the axis normal to the circle/polygon.
Added error checking when entering number of segments in the VCB (Measurements toolbar) for Arcs/Circles/Polygons.
Removed the visual cues (endpoints and center) for Arcs/Circles/Polygons at small pixel views. Zoom in to see the cues if they are not visible…