Number of segments is too large for given angle and radius

i need to create a corner, it says the number of segments is to large but why it just doesn’t say how to fix it?
Makes no sense telling someone “There is a problem… take your magic ball and ask it”…

Can anyone help me? I want to create a project and not getting annoyed by some not reasonable errors.
I can make ton off segments and i don’t think that my PC would care so why is there a “segment” Problem?

I’ve never encountered that, but I would try scaling my model up 10x or 100x, make my corner arc, then scale back down, when necessary.

How many sides are you trying to use? What radius arc?

This happens when the arc is very small and the segments would need to be too small to draw. Solution is to either lower the number of segments (type the number of segments you want before drawing the arc), or scaling the model up, drawing the arc, then returning the model to it’s original scale.

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i want create a 1mm arc.

I would recommend scaling your entire model up by 100, draw your arc(s), then scale your model by 0.01 to return it to it’s original scale.

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In general, the larger the radius, the more segments needed to make it round enough for 3D printing (for example). By the same token, a smaller radius needs fewer segments to achieve the same smoothness. For example, a 1mm radius circle using 64 segments should produce flats that are about 0.1mm. A 10mm radius circle would need 632 segments to achieve the same 0.1mm flat. Whether rendered, drawn, CNC cut, or 3D printed, 1/10 of a millimeter yields a very smooth result. More segments are not really necessary.

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